About the Project

At Visit Seattle we want the world to know what we already know: there’s a lot to love about Seattle.

And if you came for a visit, we think you’d agree.

We have a vibrant arts & culture scene, world-class wines and wineries just minutes from downtown, celebrity chef restaurants, live music, ballet, the symphony, and, of course, the Pike Place Market. Since there’s so much to do, everyone who visits has a truly unique experience.

Sure, we could mail out flyers telling everyone how wonderful Seattle is. But we wanted to find a way to let people explore the city on their own, with no one (including us) trying to put together an itinerary for them. We want people to be able to create the perfect Seattle trip for themselves.

We started by populating our interactive map with hundreds of Seattle hot spots. We wanted real visitors to share their experiences here, and give their completely unbiased opinions. So we tracked down social media mavens who are influential when it comes to topics like wine, food, arts, culture and music and gave them a free 2-day trip to Seattle (including spending money) with no strings attached. They could do what they wanted and go where they wanted. There would be no chaperones or hosted events. Then we’d show you what they experienced through their Tweets and photos.

So now an interactive map has become a living, breathing insider’s guide to Seattle. You can explore the city just as our visitors did. Click on a Twitter map icon, and you’ll get a real review from a visitor to Seattle. Even better, with a single click, you can add their experiences to your personalized itinerary.

No brochures. Just real people, telling you what they thought about Seattle. And we think that says a lot more about our city than we ever could.

If you’re ready to book your trip, or would like to explore Seattle in more detail, go to our main site at VisitSeattle.org. You’ll find upcoming events, travel and hotel information, top Seattle attractions, and more.

Want to join in the conversation about Seattle on Twitter? Just use the hashtag #2DaysInSeattle.

The project will be an ongoing effort, with Tweets and recommendations from new experts, with a wide variety of interests, added regularly.